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Water Tower

Isn’t she beautiful, my water tower (as seen from the inside this time)?

Par | 06 mai 2014

Water towers are like frankfurters. Everyone knows what they look like, but nobody knows what's in them. So having given you an insight into their rich and varied architecture last week, now's the time to take a peek inside two ...
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Isn’t she beautiful, my water tower ?

Par | 11 mars 2014

They’re a common sight. Hidden behind housing, in the middle of a field, at the side of a road. They’re part of the landscape whether you like them or not. What are we talking about? Water towers of course. DailyNord, ...
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Bienvenue dans la ville la plus étrange des Hauts-de-France

Elle pourrait loger 5 000 personnes, mais cette ville n'aura jamais d'habitants. Découvrez pourquoi.

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