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Paris attacks: a weekend of repercussions in the region

Par | 17 novembre 2015

Once again, barbarism has struck at the heart of Paris. The figures are 132 dead and 350 wounded. Attacks not without repercussions in regional news and events. "Following the Paris attacks on 13 November 2015 and the declared state of ...
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The Northerner’s Deviant Pocket Dictionary: Roubaix’s Famous Piscine

The Northerner’s Deviant Pocket Dictionary: Roubaix’s Famous Piscine

Par | 25 juillet 2015

Today's exploit for our favourite dictionary: a quick plunge into Roubaix's famous Piscine and no need for swimming trunks! Roubaix's pride and joy. Roubaix may be penniless (it's one of the poorest towns in France) but there's no shortage of ...
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The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary: the Channel Tunnel

The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary: the Channel Tunnel

Par | 12 juillet 2015

On this fine, sunny Sunday or not as the case may be (yes, you've guessed right that this article has been published automatically while we're relaxing at the weekend), DailyNord invites you to Calais, direction Folkestone, that's in England yep, ...
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The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary – Pas-de-Calais: Bergues

Par | 10 juillet 2015

For this Sunday dictionary entry, DailyNord makes a stop at Bergues. Pronounced "berg" with a hard 'g' for those of you who didn't know. Northern town of 3,900 inhabitants with a reputation out of all proportion to its small size. ...
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Culture : the dead festivals’ society

Par | 19 juin 2015

Culture is like butter, the less there is the thinner it has to be spread. From now on, government bodies and the general public are just going to have to tighten up their belts and make do with less. Remember, ...
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The first victims of an aviation accident crashed… in the Pas-de-Calais

Par | 19 avril 2015

The tragic crash in the Alps currently in the news reminds us of other aeroplanes lost over the years. The accident of which we are about to speak though has had to take a back seat: logical, for it did ...
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Things are getting complicated around rue de Béthune, Lille

Par | 10 avril 2015

It's no fun if you have set up shop in rue de Béthune, Lille, at the moment. At least, not for some high street shores. It's been common knowledge for a few weeks that Galeries Lafayette are not over the ...
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Re-dividing national territory: why not merge several departments ?

Par | 17 mars 2015

To simplify the puzzle, join several pieces together! For our region, that would mean merging the departments of Nord Pas de Calais with those of Picardy (Aisne, Oise and the Somme). Certain politicians are considering it, including Dominique Dupilet, former ...
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When Lille dreamt of Olympus

Par | 03 mars 2015

The gradual unveiling of plans last week to present Paris' candidature for the 2024 Olympic Games has revived memories going back twenty years. To 07 November 1995 to be exact, when the French Olympic Committee (Cnosf) chose Lille as France's ...
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The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary : Emile Basly

Par | 26 janvier 2015

Emile Basly didn't just have a school or boulevard named after him. He was also the "Tsar of Lens" and the figure who inspired, in part at least, the character Etienne Lantier in Emile Zola's "Germinal". Male, born 29 March ...
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The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary: The Lille-Flanders Railway Station

Par | 15 janvier 2015

On this Christmas Eve, we could have compiled a dictionary on Father Christmas but he's out of luck; he isn't a local. So we chose to take an interest in the Lille-Flanders Railway Station instead, which isn't quite as local ...
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When Calais was English

Par | 18 décembre 2014

Following on from when Flanders became part of France and the episode of the witches of Templeuve, here is the next chapter in our historical chronicle. This time it takes us to the coast and the seaport of Calais. Reputed ...
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Bienvenue dans la ville la plus étrange des Hauts-de-France

Elle pourrait loger 5 000 personnes, mais cette ville n'aura jamais d'habitants. Découvrez pourquoi.