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Par | 09H43 | 20 décembre 2013

The Pierre-Mauroy stadium : Vandie’s present to Aubry

Information published without much reaction in Le Canard Enchaîné last Wednesday. The Senator from the North, René Vandierendonck, has recently distinguished himself by introducing an amendment to the Duflot Bill on urban planning. The amendment, adopted at its first reading (it will now be examined by the National Assembly in January), will allow football stadiums with more than 30,000 seats to be exempt from advertising rules for the size of billboards, as is already the case at airports. Lire cet article

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Par | 12H22 | 03 décembre 2013

Par | 18H26 | 25 novembre 2013

Tunnel under the Channel: the first pilot for “Tunnel”

Launched 11 November, the new series on Canal + is the first fiction story on what was truly science fiction for previous generations. Envisaged for almost two centuries, the completion of the Tunnel under the Channel project marked the realisation of what had hitherto been just a wild dream. Between 1802 when Napoleon I gave the go-ahead for a tunnel under the Channel for horse-drawn carriages (not to send tourists) and the police enquiry led by the Franco-Britannico police duo in the guts of the digestive colon of the railway tunnel, an eternity has gone by!
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