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Isn’t she beautiful, my water tower (as seen from the inside this time)?

Par | 06 mai 2014

Water towers are like frankfurters. Everyone knows what they look like, but nobody knows what's in them. So having given you an insight into their rich and varied architecture last week, now's the time to take a peek inside two ...
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Franck Ribéry in the Looking Glass : Football Skit from Germany

Par | 26 avril 2014

You may not be aware, but our Franck Ribéry from "Boulogne-on-Sea" has achieved the dizzy heights of fame in Germany.  Has to be admitted that over there,  "Kaiser"  Franck and his football club have swept the board clean. If he'd ...
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Election bumph (4): the 10 election manifesto points pretty much copied and pasted by the challengers

Par | 03 avril 2014

How to draw up a manifesto to please everyone without sticking your neck out? A problem for the candidates at election time. Flicking through the election manifestos, we found more than a couple of things in common. Promises are cheap ...
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Isn’t she beautiful, my water tower ?

Par | 11 mars 2014

They’re a common sight. Hidden behind housing, in the middle of a field, at the side of a road. They’re part of the landscape whether you like them or not. What are we talking about? Water towers of course. DailyNord, ...
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Lille: the city with the most single people in France

Par | 04 mars 2014

Lille, the town with the highest percentage of single people, according to a report in Internaute Magasine, based on statistics published by the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) for 2010. The Voix du Nord had already mentioned ...
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A parley with the farmers

Par | 03 mars 2014

They were there this week. Where? Good God! At the Agricultural Show of course. Our region’s top farmers were there to present their prize cattle, poultry and other farm produce that are the hallmark of Nord/Pas-de-Calais. Yes but... (there’s always ...
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The Lille-Flandres Railway Station with Free WiFi

Par | 14 février 2014

Finding a free WiFi access point in Lille is no walk in the park. The good news for train travellers is that Lille-Flandres station is going to provide this service in a pilot experiment, according to Le Monde newspaper. From ...
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Seydoux refuses to share the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium that he didn’t paid for anyway

Par | 05 février 2014

Michel Seydoux may not have paid a single penny for the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium (ok, he rents it but without local government, the stadium wouldn’t exist), but that doesn’t stop him from giving his opinion on it. And that opinion is ...
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The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary – Pas-de-Calais: The ‘Corons’

Par | 28 janvier 2014

This Sunday marks the return of The Northerners' Deviant Pocket Dictionary – Pas-de-Calais: And we’re going to take an interest in a very northern term, the ‘Coron’. A word that is much more difficult to define than it may seem ...
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Dieudonné the hot potato: Hacked Lille communication agency drops comedian’s internet site

Dieudonné the hot potato: Hacked Lille communication agency drops comedian’s internet site

Par | 06 janvier 2014

Dieudonné has been in the spotlight these last few days. The Lille communication agency Les Lézards Hachés [Minced Lizards] which is responsible for (ok, past tense: which was responsible for) Dieudonné’s internet site and part of his non-electronic communications (paper), ...
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Martine Aubry at Matignon: the pros and the cons

Par | 06 janvier 2014

François Hollande’s popularity has hit rock bottom while the idea of government impotency in the face of adversity has increased in the minds of the French. In the arsenal at his disposal and to try to get a bit more ...
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The scent of the Nord – Pas-de-Calais in the most viewed video of the year on YouTube

Par | 20 décembre 2013

And the winner is... Norman. Norman makes videos and videos made Norman. A young man happens to be the person who created the most watched video in France * this year on YouTube. The subject: the worst expressions. A victory – ...
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Bienvenue dans la ville la plus étrange des Hauts-de-France

Elle pourrait loger 5 000 personnes, mais cette ville n'aura jamais d'habitants. Découvrez pourquoi.