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Little’un (P’tit Quinquin) and big debates

Par | 12 novembre 2014

Well folks, it's finally happened! P'tit Quinquin has survived its first launch on TV. The anticipated shock effect has turned out not to be a wet squib but a full-blown firework display, provoking diverse reactions ranging from great pleasure for ...
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All Saints’ Day: the worst best subjects proposed to Nord journalists

Par | 30 octobre 2014

We love our press attachés. Especially when they propose a subject to the editor for All Saints' Day! DailyNord has had a bit of fun gathering together the best proposals. Everything starts with a polite opening expression. "Hello, I'm the ...
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Mission in Arras for Saint-Exupery

Mission in Arras for Saint-Exupery

Par | 13 octobre 2014

Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 -1944), author of The Little Prince, the most translated French literary work in the world, first knew fame with the success of his novels Night Flight (pub. 1931) and Wind, Sand and Stars (Grand Prix for ...
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What formulas have the amusement parks come up with to compete with the giant Disneyland Paris?

Par | 01 octobre 2014

Twenty years on, has Disneyland Paris succeeded in replacing the local amusements parks of the region? Far from it. What with Parc Asterix in Picardy (we've already merged the regions in DailyNord), Bagatelle in Merlimont, Dennlys Parc in Dennebroeucq and ...
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The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary: Barbieux Park

Par | 22 septembre 2014

Superb weather over the Nord– Pas-de-Calais region has pushed the Northerners' Deviant Pocket Dictionary outdoors to get some fresh air. And where better than the grassy slopes of Barbieux Park at Roubaix...but did you know it should never have existed? ...
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“Little’un” (P’tit Quinquin): Bruno Dumont in the footsteps of Mocky

Par | 25 juillet 2014

"TV is a risk"; those were the words of a director speaking of his first step from the big screen to the little box. But what a first step! "Little'un"* shines out like a bright star in the tacky galaxy ...
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The farm with the airplanes*… debated at the French National Assembly

Par | 22 juillet 2014

Who'd have believed it? The story of the famous farm with the Airplanes at Steenwerck*, in a state of disrepair due to neglect, has reached the ears of the representatives of the Nation, as reported by La Voix du Nord ...
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Chip stalls: Their chips are down?

Chip stalls: Their chips are down?

Par | 10 juillet 2014

Chip stalls: Their chips are down? At Bailleul, the subject of relocating the chip stall which has been in the same spot for decades on the main square was a political powder keg last May. Yet, many a town is ...
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Why doesn’t the Nord- Pas-de-Calais region have any of the most beautiful villages of France?

Why doesn’t the Nord- Pas-de-Calais region have any of the most beautiful villages of France?

Par | 04 juillet 2014

It's a cruel realityC: Nord- Pas-de-Calais doesn't have a single village included in the list of "The Most Beautiful Villages of France"! Whereas we do have 157 "Villages in Bloom". Sebourg was selected for Stéphane Bern's TV programme "The French ...
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The Nord-Pas-de-Calais seen from the sky

Par | 10 juin 2014

How can a 38 year-old photographer, without any formal training and after a sales career in technology innovation, get his new-founded career off the ground? Yep, you've got it... by really flying. Or to be more precise, by piloting a ...
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Hafiz Mammadov prospecting in England too

Par | 05 juin 2014

General surprise at DailyNord this week: the English version of our interview with Benoît Dequevauviller was a runaway success in our readers' statistics. The interview evoked the arrival of Hafiz Mammadov at RC Lens (read it in French if you ...
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How bike-friendly is the Lille agglomeration?

Par | 02 juin 2014

Organised in May, the European Bicycle Challenge aims to encourage and develop the use of bikes and two-wheeled transport in the Lille metropolis. A praiseworthy initiative. But are our roads really suitable for amateur cyclists? Two of our young journalists, ...
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Bienvenue dans la ville la plus étrange des Hauts-de-France

Elle pourrait loger 5 000 personnes, mais cette ville n'aura jamais d'habitants. Découvrez pourquoi.