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Things are getting complicated around rue de Béthune, Lille

Par | 10 avril 2015

It's no fun if you have set up shop in rue de Béthune, Lille, at the moment. At least, not for some high street shores. It's been common knowledge for a few weeks that Galeries Lafayette are not over the ...
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The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary – the French (Belgium?) Fry

Par | 29 mars 2015

This election Sunday, it's out of the question to talk politics. But how many of those running for election will gobble down a quick bag of chips? It's our dictionary entry of the week Food for the soul. The potato, ...
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Re-dividing national territory: why not merge several departments ?

Par | 17 mars 2015

To simplify the puzzle, join several pieces together! For our region, that would mean merging the departments of Nord Pas de Calais with those of Picardy (Aisne, Oise and the Somme). Certain politicians are considering it, including Dominique Dupilet, former ...
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The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary – Pas-de-Calais: Filouse

Par | 09 mars 2015

In the middle of the Paris International Agricultural Show, DailyNord has entered a new word into our proud Northern dictionary: Filouse.   Not exactly a companion animal. Also slang for racy, impish, naughty (in a positive sense) and often used ...
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When Lille dreamt of Olympus

Par | 03 mars 2015

The gradual unveiling of plans last week to present Paris' candidature for the 2024 Olympic Games has revived memories going back twenty years. To 07 November 1995 to be exact, when the French Olympic Committee (Cnosf) chose Lille as France's ...
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The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary: Carlton

Par | 15 février 2015

Since Monday, the Second of February, Lille is at the centre of a highly mediatised court case for pimping. A zany redefinition for the Carlton Hotel or how it has unwittingly become the focal point for a sordid case of ...
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The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary : Emile Basly

Par | 26 janvier 2015

Emile Basly didn't just have a school or boulevard named after him. He was also the "Tsar of Lens" and the figure who inspired, in part at least, the character Etienne Lantier in Emile Zola's "Germinal". Male, born 29 March ...
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The Northerners’ Deviant Pocket Dictionary: The Lille-Flanders Railway Station

Par | 15 janvier 2015

On this Christmas Eve, we could have compiled a dictionary on Father Christmas but he's out of luck; he isn't a local. So we chose to take an interest in the Lille-Flanders Railway Station instead, which isn't quite as local ...
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Which is the most viewed video for your town on YouTube?

Par | 12 janvier 2015

An amusing exercise that DailyNord tried out. Find the most viewed video for your town on YouTube (the method: we typed in the name of the town in the platform's search engine and selected the top videos recorded in that ...
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When Calais was English

Par | 18 décembre 2014

Following on from when Flanders became part of France and the episode of the witches of Templeuve, here is the next chapter in our historical chronicle. This time it takes us to the coast and the seaport of Calais. Reputed ...
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Beer more expensive? A review two years after the tax increase

Par | 12 décembre 2014

It was in October 2012: The French National Assembly voted for a tax increase on beer (and only beer), to fill the empty coffers of French Social Security. For the region with its thirty odd breweries, it was a call to ...
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Have you missed the “opening” of the year?

Have you missed the “opening” of the year?

Par | 29 novembre 2014

If you haven't heard the latest news, you must be living in the back of beyond or in some obscure corner of the North with no means of communication worthy of the 21st century. Retrospective on an astounding publicity campaign ...
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