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Which is the most viewed video for your town on YouTube?

DailyNord en anglais Par | 12 janvier 2015

An amusing exercise that DailyNord tried out. Find the most viewed video for your town on YouTube (the method: we typed in the name of the town in the platform’s search engine and selected the top videos recorded in that location). Results on a map with local communities of more than 15,000 inhabitants. A few surprises in store for you.

As you can see on this magnificent map, they are not necessarily the most unforgettable videos… that succeed in the wonderful world of YouTube (bearing in mind that the survey is based on a search by name of town). At Dunkirk for example, the video of a young dancer comes up first in the search results. Dance is also champion at Lambersart and Lille too. At Halluin, you find fishermen, at Marcq-en-Baroeul, a wedding, at Tourcoing, it’s church bells and at Cambrai, a haunted house. You don’t find stories covered by the mass media either in their news round-ups, the only exception perhaps being a fire at Maubeuge. And Outreau* of course, with its notorious affair that still comes up on the first page of YouTube after all these years.

The flash-mob mania is also well represented in the most viewed videos: Hazebrouck and Grande-Synthe for example.

At Calais, it’s an old video of the hovercraft that still seduces internauts. At Arras and Roubaix, concerts are in vogue (the Main Square sits near top of the table in the region taken as a whole). Still in the music world, a performance by the late local politician Patrick Roy at a festival is number 1. And when it comes to football, trust Lens to come up with a match between RC Lens and Olympic Marseille FC that has warmed the hearts of 1.3 million YouTubers. But that’s still far behind the Villeneuve-d’Ascq video of a young football prodigy who has notched up 2.3 million visits (if you type Villeneuve-d’Ascq correctly but without an apostrophe, a video of the mosque is in first place). Certainly the football prodigy is helped by the fact that he’s called « Messi ». Little things like that can make a big difference.

Message to our readers who don’t live in a town with more than 15,000 inhabitants: DailyNord can’t cover all the towns and villages of the region so we invite you to do some research yourself for your village or hamlet. Just go onto YouTube, type the name of your community and then using the filters, sort by  »View Count ». Don’t hesitate to share your findings with us in comments!

Based on October View Counts. Things may have changed since then.

*Name of a village involved in a pedophile scandal that turned into a legal scandal. See the French film « Présumé Coupable » (English title « Guilty ») to see French justice in action. Trailer with English subtitles

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