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The Best of Broken Records – or attempts at breaking records – that have come from our own little corner of the world

DailyNord en anglais Par | 21 septembre 2013


Sunday, the Nord – Pas-de-Calais (Hazebrouck) might well have a new feather in its hat in the shape of a new entry in the Guinness Book of Records: for the largest cone of chips in living history. And it won’t be a first. Nor last. There’s been an outbreak of records (or attempts), not all of which have found their way into the famous book.

The greatest number of Welsh Rabbits served in one hour.

Have you ever tried to prepare as many Welsh Rabbits in one hour? A “Calaisian”, [a bloke from Calais], and chef on a Hovercraft, tried his hand at this in 2011. He managed to dish up one hundred and six of them. He only needed a hundred to get his name into the famous book…which never says if they were edible or not.

The longest chip in the world

If “Hazebrouckois” [men and women from Hazebrouck] want to smash the record for the largest cone of chips ever, it’s because chips inspire the most daring Northerners in general. Remember back in 2009: the locals fried the longest chip the world had ever laid its eyes on (in French). A 34 centimetres long (13.4″) chip. Not the sort of chip that fits into yer average deep fryer.

The greatest number of plastic cups taken out with head kicks in one minute

David Synave, a karate expert from Coutiches, is as supple as they come. And just as accurate. His attempt to break a world record? It was for kicking plastic goblets off the top of his trustful friend’s head! (video)-. And he succeeded as he managed to take out 89 innocent goblets in a minute to enter the Guinness Book of Records, thereby sending an Italian home with his tail between his legs who had only managed to knock off 59 goblets…

Largest “gainée”

A “gainée”, in the local dialect of Boulogne-sur-Mer, means “fish soup”. The local club “Cents Cravates” [The Club of a Hundred Ties] pulled off the biggest exploit by preparing more than 3,700 liters of it (video)… Yum Yum Gimme Some.

The longest accordion session

Even though Michel Pruvost is a Picard [a bloke from Picardy], he is well-known to Northerners in particular for his shows on Weo. The accordionist is also a world record holder. In the Eighties, he jammed for 177 hours and 30 minutes with his accordion, a physical exploit which launched his career…

The longest scarf of the world

With more than 60 kilometers of scarf knitted over the whole of France and joined together in one place, Fourmies had achieved the buzz it wanted at home and abroad. A big knees up was planned last year in anticipation of their entry into the Guinness Book of Records. Except that the person in charge at the Guinness Book of Records for this particular entry was sacked in the meantime and the would-be record was scuppered with him. The reason: he spent too much time “bleating on” about wool! (In French)

Largest chocolate mousse

Enough to turn your stomach. In Vaudricourt, the Rotary-Club wanted to give a little publicity to the local chocolate exhibition. What could be better than a little world record to get people talking about it. The exploit was recognized by the Guinness Book, the Northerners having succeeded in whipping up a 142 kilos mousse…

The largest sugar tart

Record breaking is good publicity for brand names. So, hypermarkets like Auchan in Arras sometimes get into the act. In 2011, the employees of the Mulliez Empire flagship made a sugar tart that was 103.07 meters long (in French). 260 kilos of dough went into it!



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