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Survey: In the direction of northern companies, women account for nothing

DailyNord en anglais Par | 08 mars 2013

INVESTIGATION.For the World Day of Women, DailyNord could strive to honor women heads, honor and courage, blah-blah-blah. Well no. The editorial raised the question of how many workers were able to sit in the chairs towards our 50 largest companies in the north. And the result is depressing for the fairer sex.


The verb “run” does not really combine the women in the Nord – Pas-de-Calais. This is what our investigation reveals that scrutinized the number of women in executive committees or executive committees or boards of our dear largest companies in the region. And the result is disappointing: only 9.5% achieved the feat of moving into one of these executive chairs so jealously coveted by men … In detail, can be seen as a set of 652 people belonging to Codir, Codex or CA, only 62 women have responsibilities … Disturbing.


How did we achieve this? To perform this investigation, we contacted 50 companies Nord – Pas-de-Calais, in terms of numbers (ranked 2013 La Voix du Nord in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nord-Pas -de-Calais). We asked the number of women in the executive committee as well as the overall number of executive committee. And we warned that, without response from them, we would consider that they do not employ women. Of the 50, 36 companies did not respond and we did not find necessary information for 18 of them. Our scholarly and calculation methods have included 0 women an average of 13 people on the steering committee of companies silent on the subject. Companies with which we know the composition of the directions (ie 32 companies, 3/5ème fifty), it therefore leads to the famous 9.5%.

One could say that, yes agree, we speak of eminent leaders of the jewels of the region and the sky is a little bluer side frames. Either: in 2006, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, of 100 working women, only 9.4 of them had managed to occupy a senior position. Less educated, less numerous on the labor market, women seem to combine the northerners disabilities. And must contend with the prejudices around motherhood, but also the availability of their areas of expertise.


To return to positions in the regional landscape, we can not say that the traditions steel, automotive, construction they have left a lot of room. Not surprisingly, women officers are almost always absent when it comes to cars, heavy industry (such as Arc International), food processing (Bonduelle no women in its leadership) or construction. Even in supermarkets, according to our information, it is not terrible. In our classification, Carrefour, Auchan and Leroy Merlin Cora but are far from being top of the table (knowing that Match Supermarkets, Intermarché, Leclerc and Lidl have simply not responded).

For cons, they begin to monopolize more and more jobs in the service (kudos to the Post Office with 10 women out of 23) banks (the Savings Account and 9 women out of 50, 6 of Crédit Agricole 37, the Crédit du Nord 5 of 39, if we aggregate the various committees). Hats off to the ultimate private hospital in Lille metropolis manages to count 4 women on a committee of 10 people management and thus arrives at the top of our ranking of business-to-leave-of-the-place- to women for leadership (even if there is more than one woman on the 13 posts of the board). About DailyNord, your favorite pure player information that is not yet part of the fifty largest companies, there is still only one woman at the time of this writing, but that’s another story.

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Auchan At Auchan Auchan, two women are part of the general management of a staff of 15 people. A woman sits on the Board of Directors on 8 stations. No women executive committee (8 posts as well). At the head of stores, women represent between 30 and 35%.
La Poste Post The Board of Directors of the company has 7 women a third of its workforce to 21. The Executive Committee of Groupe La Poste, which is the highest governing body of the company, now three women out of 12.
SNCF Did not answer SNCF / 5 women out of 16 according to the website
Redcats (La Redoute) Do not respond / 3 women on the executive committee of nine people according to the website
Carrefour Two regional guidelines have on the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, overseeing alone all directions Store Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Vauban Humanis  No answer / No woman on 4 stations presidency and general management
GDF Suez There are two women in the Executive Committee of GDF SUEZ, a total of 10 people.
Arc International No answer / No woman on the 9 people in the management team
Groupe EDF Do not reply / 1 woman in 9 seats in the general direction
Renault  There is a woman in the executive committee of the Renault plant in Douai on 17 people
Toyota Did not answer
Veolia Environnement (hors Esterra) Did not answer / According to the website, the Executive Committee no women among its nine members
France Télécom-Orange No answer / According to the website, two women are part of the management team with 12 people
Pro Impec Pro Santea For Impec at Committee of Directors, there are 7 people including 2 women
Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe Did not answer / In 2009, the Board had two women members of 18 total
Arcelor Mittal Atlantique Did not answer
Oxylane (Decathlon) Did not answer
Intermarché Did not answer
Française de Mécanique Did not answer
Leclerc Did not answer
Bonduelle Did not answer / executive committee of 7 people no women, according to the website (the supervisory board of 8 people is headed by a woman and three women in total)
Roquette Frères Did not answer
Vallourec Nord Did not answer / The Executive Committee is composed of 12 men (the directory with three men)
Happy Chic (Jules, Brice, etc.) Did not answer
CIC Nord Ouest  One in five women members of the Executive Committee.
Crédit Agricole  We have a woman in the steering committee, which totals 12 people. She was appointed in 2012.Complement: we have 5 women in our Board of Directors totaling 25 members.
Supermarchés Match Did not answer
Sevelnord The Management Committee is composed of Sevelnord 2 women with a workforce of 13 people in total.
Adeo (Leroy-Merlin) Did not answer / The Executive Committee is composed of 10 men, according to their website
Transpole  The steering committee includes Transpole 9 people and has one wife.
Peugeot Citroën Automobiles Did not answer / The Directorate 10 men according to their website
ASF Arvato Did not answer
Cora The hypermarket Cora in Villeneuve d’Ascq is led by a woman / website shows 7 stores
Caisse d’Epargne Nord France Europe 9 women are on the steering committee of the Caisse d’Epargne France Northern Europe (composed of 50 members). One officer and is part of the Executive CENFE.
Agenor Did not answer
Faurecia Interieur Industrie Did not answer / Executive Committee consisting of eight men and a chair, according to the website
BNP Paribas Did not answer / 4 men at the head of the branch, a woman in the other 12 members of the Executive Committee
MCA Did not answer
Adrexo Did not answer
Lyreco Did not answer
API Restauration Did not answer
Rabot Dutilleul  No woman in the Executive Board, which consists of four members.
Lidl Did not answer
Banque Accord Did not answer / Presidency and the general direction provided by two men, the senior management team is composed of five people, including a woman, according to the corporate website
Advitam Did not answer / Six men provide different directions
Eiffage Travaux Publics Nord Did not answer / The National Executive Committee is composed of ten men
Dupont Restauration Did not answer
Boulanger Did not answer
Hôpital Privé Métropole Did not answer / 4 in 10 women in the management team, but only one woman on the board of directors of 13 people
Crédit du Nord The Executive Committee of Crédit du Nord (Paris) has 23 members, including one femme.Il is also a Steering Committee in each region and subsidiary. For Crédit du Nord Nord-Métropole (Lille), there are 4 women out of 16. For Crédit du Nord region Northern Provinces (Arras), there is no woman (out of 19)


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