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Paris attacks: a weekend of repercussions in the region

Once again, barbarism has struck at the heart of Paris. The figures are 132 dead and 350 wounded. Attacks not without repercussions in regional news and events.

“Following the Paris attacks on 13 November 2015 and the declared state of emergency covering all of France, the Eagles of Death Metal concert planned for this evening at the Grand Mix is cancelled. Ticket offices will start issuing refunds from Monday”. At 13h18 on Saturday, the programme organiser, ‘A Gauche de la Lune’, confirms the feared rumour that Eagles Of Death Metal, who were playing at the time of the terrorist assault at the Bataclan the evening before, will not be appearing at Tourcoing as planned in the evening. An epiphenomena.

Performances and events cancelled, no Supercross

As in January after the killings at Charlie Hebdo and HyperCacher, the region, although not directed affected, is in full synchronisation with Paris and current events. Already by Saturday morning, the political powers that be had realised the full impact of what had happened and suspended regional campaigns for elections due to take place in three weeks. Some town halls, like Tourcoing and Lille, went further by cancelling all public events planned for the weekend and flying flags at half mast. Lille Renaissance suspended its live events just keeping its exhibitions open. Several big performances or events are cancelled or postponed: Lou Doillon and Maître Gims at Lille, the Gruss circus at Villeneuve-d’Ascq, the inauguration of the Hirson stadium by the Minister of Sport, Patrick Kanner etc. On the other hand, the Supercross, organised at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, is on.

Extreme right militants try to join a gathering at Lille

In the meantime, several public meetings have been planned. Frédéric Leturque, mayor of Arras, has already announced the tone of thing to come just after midnight:“As a sign of solidarity with the victims, the ‘Collectif des 11′ has launched an appeal for a public vigil. The sirens of the town of Arras will be sounded this coming Saturday, 14th November at 12h in homage. Those wishing to join in should gather at the ‘Place des Héros’ at the same hour.” Vigils have also been held at Douai and Lille. The Lille vigil, to which the town hall had advised people not to go, was attended by small groups of extreme right supporters. A dozen or so militants waved a banner “Evict the Islamists” giving rise to an exchange of insults but without scuffles.

A new gathering is scheduled this Monday at 11h45 at Lille, place de la République, in the presence of Martine Aubry, Jean-René Lecerf, Damien Castelain and the Prefect.


As such events invariably create polemic, rumours arose that a fire which occurred during Friday night and Saturday morning in the ‘Jungle’ at Calais was due to migrant celebrations or to an extreme right revenge attack. The truth was that the fire, which ravaged 2,500 m2,was accidental. Another rumour: Kalashnikov gunfire at Halluin.

La suite en français.

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